Doctors Are Fighting the Pandemic. Here’s How Brands Can Help.

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Doctors are one of the consumer communities that have been hardest hit by COVID-19. They are working long hours on the front line, fighting to save people’s lives while exposing themselves—and their families—to infection. It’s no wonder more than 70% of frontline healthcare workers are experiencing psychological distress.  Communities everywhere are expressing their support. Even ...
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How to Grow Your Business by Caring for Customers

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The coronavirus has unraveled everyone’s world, but marketers carry additional stress. Many are wondering how to engage their customers during this crisis, and how their brands can be part of the solution in an authentic and meaningful way.  The answer is to provide personalized offers to those that have been hardest hit. Our recent survey ...
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AT&T Delivers Good News: 3 Months of Free Service for Nurses and Doctors

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Healthcare workers are on the front lines of the pandemic, and people all over the world are applauding their heroic efforts. Now leading brands are stepping in to show their support, too.  AT&T announced on Sunday that it was offering nurses and doctors three free months of wireless service through its FirstNet—a network that provides ...
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How You Can Stand Up for Medical Workers with Personalized Offers

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The coronavirus has slammed us. Infections are rising, wealth is disappearing, and people are losing their jobs. Everyone is reeling, but medical workers have been hit the hardest. They’re struggling with the same losses we are, while trying to care for the sick, develop a vaccine, and find a cure. We owe them our support, ...
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How to Engage and Support Customers in Uncertain Times

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The coronavirus pandemic is dramatically impacting every facet of our lives. We’re worried about what it means for ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities. After talking with many of our customers, I’ve seen that marketers are carrying the added stress of keeping their programs performing when people are: Staying home—not shopping in stores, not ...
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