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Doctors Are Fighting the Pandemic. Here’s How Brands Can Help.

Doctors are one of the consumer communities that have been hardest hit by COVID-19. They are working long hours on the front line, fighting to save people’s lives while exposing themselves—and their families—to infection.

It’s no wonder more than 70% of frontline healthcare workers are experiencing psychological distress

Communities everywhere are expressing their support. Even first responders—a group also being pushed to the limits—are saluting healthcare workers with parades.

Now is a good time for brands to rally their support, too, and the way to do that is clear. When asked in a recent survey how they wanted brands to help, nearly two-thirds of medical workers and other groups hit hard by the pandemic said they wanted brands to offer more discounts.

How Leading Brands Are Supporting Doctors

AT&T is keeping doctors and nurses connected by giving them three months of free wireless service. The North Face is recognizing their dedication and bravery by giving them a 50% discount. And FabFitFun expressed its gratitude by giving them a free bundle. 

Thes programs aren’t just the right thing to do, they’re smart moves. Honoring consumers based on identity attributes like being a doctor or nurse leads to greater brand engagement. 

Research has shown that when these consumer communities receive a personalized offer:

  • 88% would take advantage of it.
  • 89% said it would positively impact their relationship with the brand.
  • 90%  would share it with others who were eligible for it.
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Why All Brands Should Join the Cause

These kinds of personalized offers are called identity marketing campaigns, and brands that implement them win the business of lucrative groups like doctors. These brands also generate tremendous goodwill because everyone knows how important doctors and other medical workers are, especially during this pandemic. 

Marketers interested in learning more about how to use personalized offers to reach doctors can register for our upcoming webinar on May 7th at 10 am PT : Stand Up and Stand Out: Learn How Smart Brands Support Doctors

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