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Authoritative Data – The Muscle Behind SheerID

Infographic of How SheerID VerifiesIf you’ve taken any time looking through our website, you’ve noticed we’re quite bold in our claim of being able to verify a customer’s organizational status in little to no time. Go big or go home, right?

Well, the fact of the matter is, we stand behind that claim. With our automatic verification process, we can verify a student, active military or vet status in less time than it takes you to stand up and sit down again.

Go ahead, try it.

If you could stand up and sit down again in less than a second, you’ve got us beat. Otherwise, welcome to the SheerID fast lane verification process!

SheerID, through strategic partnerships, is the only company offering instant verification of customers using live, authoritative data.

Through our RESTful API system, SheerID accesses your customer’s current status at the exact moment of your request for validation. That means you get today’s data right now… and your qualified customer gets their discount.

Pretty awesome, right?

Still not convinced? Okay, try this one.

Let’s say you are active duty army. First of all, thank you for your service! Now, let’s say you’ve just finished your tour and are stateside for the first time in two years. Your wardrobe is in some serious need of updating. Checking online you see there are a couple companies offering military discounts to help you get outfitted in clothes that are not camo and not identical to 300 of your BFF’s. But there’s a catch, you have to prove you are an actual active duty soldier.

Option one is walking into the store in full soldier gear. Hmm, probably not.

Option two, going to the store and showing your valid government employment ID. That works great if the store is close by, but you wanted to buy it online and have it shipped. To do that there are now a whole lot of hoops you have to jump through to get the store your proof of identification and obtain your discount, making it almost worth the 4 hour round trip drive to walk into the store. Almost but not quite. Frankly, the process is FUBAR’d.

Option three, go to the website, find the clothes you want, check the “Military Discount” box and fill in the rest of the order information, click “order now” and you’re done!

What happened to proving you are who you say you are? We did it. Remember that stand up sit down thing we did earlier? We fit our API plugin into the existing retailer process and matched the credential information given, with the information contained in our strategic partner data source and came back with a match status so quickly, it didn’t do anything to interrupt the purchase process and gave you an immediate match. Not to mention a killer pair of pants.

So yeah, we’re really that good.

Want to see this marvel in action? Give us a call, we’ll walk you through a live demo. We’ve got you covered.

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