Brands need to prioritize omnichannel marketing.

Why Brands Should Prioritize Omnichannel Marketing

The original version of this piece appeared as a Retail Customer Experience post.

Customers today want options. They don’t want to be limited to one method of shopping; instead, they expect the flexibility to visit a brick-and-mortar store, check out online, or use an app. 

To meet this demand, brands need to adopt an agile omnichannel marketing approach. This is particularly true if they want to engage the coveted Gen Z market, as these digital natives simultaneously spend a significant amount of time online and are more interested in in-person shopping compared to previous generations. A hybrid model allows Gen Z—and consumers in general—the opportunity to pick and choose how they want to interact with a brand.

An omnichannel approach also makes it possible for brands to collect a variety of customer data. The more channels, the more opportunities to learn valuable insights that can be used to improve the customer experience.

Customer data also drives personalization, another key strategy marketers need to keep top of mind. It’s no secret that customers respond well to content tailored to their specific needs, but in order for this method to work properly, personalization needs to be consistent across channels. Offer a seamless experience with the option to engage via different channels, and your brand can keep customers happy long-term.

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