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Oakley Military & Government Sales

Most of us have heard of the brand Oakley – they make awesome products for exercising and outdoor activities. Did you know that they also offer exclusive products for the military community?

This is a win/win strategy for Oakley. Not only do they get a contract with the US Government, but they get to build the reputation for high-tech, high-performance products, not just trendy shades. Then also, as we discovered, our soldiers benefit by receiving truly the best products out there and at a military discount. That’s the beauty of Oakley’s military & government sales program.

Based off of some research, here’s the reasons Oakley rocks at making gear that not only looks good but also will keep you safe and comfortable.

Oakley Standard Issue


Oakley Standard Issue website

You may have visited the normal Oakley website to purchase your favorite products, but have you visited the Oakley Standard Issue website yet? The website is dedicated to selling specialized Oakley products to Military and Government members.

Starting in the 1980’s an alliance was formed between the U.S. Armed Forces and Oakley. They wanted to develop new technologies that would improve the safety, performance and comfort of our soldiers. This initiative in research and development continues to produce combat ready equipment for those whose lives depend on their gear.

The gear sold on the Oakley Standard Issue website is not available in retail stores and the website works on a membership basis. Users must create an account and prove that they are either U.S. Military or Government personnel. After that, your account is valid for one year and you can receive a lifetime membership after claiming Veteran status.

Oakley offers a wide variety of products exclusively for the military community on their Oakley Standard Issue website. Not only do they sell their famous sunglasses, but also apparel, footwear, watches, gloves and much more. Many of us think of Oakley as a sunglasses brand, so it’s only natural that they would have a superior technology for their glasses offered to the military community. Here is a list of just a few of the benefits of their eyewear products:

  • Oakley Standard Issue Prizm lenses are engineered to fine tune contrast and depth perception
  • UV Protection to ensure you aren’t blinded by what you can’t see
  • Prescription Optics provide precision with light rays and provide a rich and color inherent technology
  • Oakley premium eyewear surpasses the protection requirements for high-mass impact
  • Lens tints optimize your vision for changing light or change up your look, offering a full spectrum of lens color options

Consumers have even expressed their love for the Oakley products. Reviews range from thanking Oakley for the military program they provide through the Standard Issue website, to saying that Oakley glasses saved their vision and they are a customer for life.

“I was involved (ambushed) in an IED attack. I was wounded since our MRAP received a direct blast. One of my wounds involved lacerations around my eyes. I was wearing a pair of Oakley Flak Jackets. Due to the safety specs on your Flak Jacket sunglasses, my eyes and eyesight were saved. I have heard other stories of service members service in Afghanistan and Iraq having their eyes saved by your eyewear safety products. Continue to do what you do and we thank you for your support with your products.”-Gary, Oakley SI member

Just from reading consumer reviews from Oakley proves that they have gained a loyal customer base through creating superior military products.

Even if your company can’t offer special products for the military like Oakley has, it’s clear that offering a military discount also helps companies have a strong presence in the military community. If your company would like to honor the military community with exclusive discounts, contact SheerID to see how we can help protect your offer and target the military community.

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