Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition is a primary focus of any marketing department, but acquiring new customers can be expensive, and it can be difficult to tell which approaches work and which don’t. The cost of customer acquisition is a key metric to weigh against the lifetime value gained from each customer.

Today, brands are turning to customer acquisition strategies like customer loyalty programs or gated, exclusive offers. Creating a gated offer program is a reliable way to bring new customers into your brand. In a recent survey we conducted with Kelton Global , 94% of Americans said they would take advantage of an exclusive offer not available to the general public. 

SheerID’s Digital Verification Platform ensures that your exclusive offers are secure, and that the process for verifying customers’ eligibility is quick and easy, which improves long-term customer acquisition.

Learn more about customer acquisition in our report on The State of Customer Acquisition.The report is based on a survey of 150 leaders in customer acquisition across five different consumer-facing industries. It provides insight into the challenges digital marketers face in a noisy marketplace and the customer acquisition strategies they’re using to meet them.


Adweek Webinar Highlights How Rothy’s Used Its Current Customers to Acquire New Ones

Acquiring customers is especially difficult right now. For Rothy’s, a direct-to-consumer shoe company with a whole-brand approach to sustainability, that’s no different. When the economy took a turn and consumer spending began to drop, many brands made a knee-jerk reaction, running promotions and super-sales. Not Rothy’s, though. They didn’t want to dilute their brand’s perceived ...
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Building Consumer Trust: How to Turn Data Privacy into a Marketing Advantage

Had the authors of the US Declaration of Independence seen our day, they may have added data privacy to the list of “unalienable rights”—and for good reason. Every online interaction leaves a digital footprint of who you are, and this data is often tracked, collected, and sold without our knowledge or explicit consent.  Brands that ...
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New Forrester Consulting Study Reveals Marketers’ #1 Challenge and How to Solve It

A concerned marketer reviewing a study by Forrester Consulting.
There’s a simple rule in business: Give consumers who share common characteristics what they need, and you will build a repeatable revenue model. This concept is at the heart of personalized marketing and gives brands a powerful way to both understand and deliver what consumers want, at scale.  The promise is great. I learn the ...
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4 Key Takeaways from Adweek Elevate: Commerce

Adweek recently wrapped Elevate: Commerce. The virtual event offers six sessions focused on how marketers can effectively respond to the most pressing issues they face in today’s rapidly evolving economy, particularly in the wake of the coronavirus health crisis. Here are four great pieces of advice we took away: 01 Prioritize the Health of Customer ...
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CommerceNext Webinar Recap: 4 Ways That Retailers Can Adapt During COVID-19

The pandemic has led nearly every brand to make some kind of operational changes or strategic shifts. It’s also created widespread economic uncertainty that has radically reduced consumer spending, and retailers feel it. To help marketers respond more effectively, CommerceNext hosted a webinar highlighting ways that leading retailers are using AI, consumer data, and personalization ...
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Why Data Privacy Matters to You and Your Customers

We humans generate massive amounts of data—estimates suggest the “entire digital universe” could reach 40 zettabytes this year. That’s 40x more bytes than the number of stars in the known universe. What’s more, we send 294 billion emails and perform 5 billion searches every day.  This data is the lifeblood of digital marketers, who use ...
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How Cause Marketing Can Help You Grow Your Business

Former British prime minister Winston Churchill said, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” Today’s brands know that making a profit is not enough. They want to make a difference, not only to succeed financially but to leave the world a better place. It’s no ...
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How a Personalized Offer to Nurses Brought in 8,000 New Customers

Nurse Header
Nurses deserve our support—now more than ever—and leading brands like AT&T and The North Face are giving them personalized offers to say thank you. Honoring nurses is a smart marketing strategy because it supports people we count on and helps brands acquire new customers. When CheapCaribbean launched its personalized offer to nurses, it had 2x ...
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Doctors Are Fighting the Pandemic. Here’s How Brands Can Help.

Header Image
Doctors are one of the consumer communities that have been hardest hit by COVID-19. They are working long hours on the front line, fighting to save people’s lives while exposing themselves—and their families—to infection. It’s no wonder more than 70% of frontline healthcare workers are experiencing psychological distress.  Communities everywhere are expressing their support. Even ...
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How to Grow Your Business by Caring for Customers

A female teacher calling on a young student in her classroom.
The coronavirus has unraveled everyone’s world, but marketers carry additional stress. Many are wondering how to engage their customers during this crisis, and how their brands can be part of the solution in an authentic and meaningful way.  The answer is to provide personalized offers to those that have been hardest hit. Our recent survey ...
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