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Top 3 Ad Campaigns for World Cup 2014

2014 FIFA World Cup souvenir Coca-cola can

For many of us, soccer was the first sport we played with a team. Starting around age 4 or 5 you got your first YMCA jersey, created a sweet team name like the “Purple People Eaters” and were taught to kick the ball in the direction of the goal, in hopes of scoring a point on the opposing goalie who may have been distracted building a daisy chain. Sounding familiar?

While soccer is a fun sport to play, it is not always the most exciting to watch. There hasn’t always been a huge draw to watch professional soccer in the U.S. with other sports like American football and basketball dominating the scene – but slowly, this trend has started to change. Major League Soccer has gained many more loyal fans over the years. Not only has this sparked an interest in the international professional soccer teams but it’s also helped to create a large buzz around the World Cup 2014.

Here’s a few statistics about the 2010 World Cup viewership worldwide. Keep in mind that 106 million people, worldwide, watched the Super Bowl in 2010.

  • 909.6 million television viewers watched at least one minute of the finals
  • 619.7 million television viewers watched 20 consecutive minutes of Spain’s extra-time win
  • 530.9 million average in-home global audience for the final game
  • 3.2 billion people or 46.4% of the population watched a minimum of one minute during the tournament
  • 188.4 million average of viewers for each match
  • Audiences were from 80 territories, making up 70% of the world’s population

With numbers like that, it’s no surprise that large companies are jumping at the chance to be involved with advertising at the 2014 World Cup in Brasil. Here are my top 3 favorite advertising and marketing campaigns currently running for the 2014 World Cup.


Not only is Nike one of the most recognizable brands in the world, but they have become a major player in the world of soccer – becoming one of the major sponsors of the national soccer teams and individual players. In order to boost their presence in the 2014 World Cup, Nike got creative and started their “Risk Everything” campaign on YouTube. Starting June 1st, 2014, Nike started releasing 7 second teasers for their “Last Game” video that was to be released June 9th. Of course when the video was released it went viral and in just one day has 10.4 million views. The video is a story about risky soccer versus safe soccer, staring Ronaldo, Neymar Jr, Rooney, Zlatan and Iniesta.


It’s always impressive to see professional athletes do tricks, but in the case of this commercial, the tricks are done by average people, including children! Not only does this commercial celebrate “soccer fever” by showcasing some of the craziest trick shots ever but it is also sure to put a smile on your face. A spokesperson told Ad Week, “I can conform there was no CGI used on the film.” Very impressive, McDonald’s!


Coca-Cola took a different approach to advertising for the World Cup this year. In order to 2014 FIFA World Cup Coca-cola can back and frontconnect the world with Brazil, the hosting country, Coca-Cola collaborated with Sao Paulo street artist, Speto to create limited edition 2014 FIFA World Cup Cans. They wanted the cans to capture the color and characteristics of Brazilian street art.

“Just as Brazil is everyone’s country and Coca-Cola is everyone’s drink, the FIFA World Cup is everyone’s cup. Through “The World’s Cup,” Coca-Cola wants to celebrate real people playing football, demonstrating how the game is a force for more inclusive and connected world.” – Joseph Tripodi

These advertising campaigns definitely got me excited to watch the World Cup, hopefully they did the same for you! Make sure to start watching the World Cup starting tomorrow June 12th – be on the lookout for more great advertising campaigns being run throughout the tournament.

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