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6 Tips for Succeeding with SheerID’s Free Trial

The team over here at SheerID understands that marketers are looking for ways to break into crowded markets and find new customers. Part of my job is to help connect people with our product and I love introducing people to our free trial.

Over the past few months, I’ve analyzed thousands of marketers have experienced SheerID’s free trial and I’ve learned that they often have different goals. Maybe you are testing the product on your own. Maybe you’re leading a buying committee with a short timeframe and multiple products to evaluate. You might even focus on  just one  specific product capability. 

Whatever your goal, SheerID’s free trial gives you full access to our Verification Platform to help you understand how it can connect you with valuable new customers in specific communities and increase conversions.  I’ve taken a lot of notes from those thousands of SheerID free trial users, and I’ve compiled my top six tips to set you up for success.

01 Define the “Why”

Get started by making it clear what you want to accomplish with  the trial. Is there a specific consumer community you want to target? Do you have certain metrics you want to boost or measure?  Are you supporting a specific campaign or bolstering a long-term effort to connect with new customer groups?

02 Set Up Conversion Tracking

At the end of the day, no customer is going to have a successful program without the numbers to back it up. Our live reporting dashboard gives you everything you need to understand which customers are getting verified and how our platform impacts success metrics, from AOV to conversion rates.

03 Test Your Offer

The SheerID free trial gives you control to publish your offer when you want. You can literally get an offer created in 5 minutes, publish the page, and send an email to a portion of your list to determine if you have the right message and offer.

Taking longer than 5 minutes? We’re here to help! Also, you don’t have to make any final decisions during this step; just get familiar with the offer creation process.

04 Add Teammates to Your Account

Once you have a program set up, add important stakeholders as teammates to your account. Then, invite them to a quick meeting and walk them through your progress so far. Make sure they are on-board and then assign a little homework. Successful programs often involve multiple departments. What is your re-engagement strategy? What is your promotion plan? Where are you going to put it on your website? The more people involved, the more likely you are for success.

05 Do Your Homework

Okay, maybe don’t call it homework, but make sure you take some time to leverage our resources for free trial users. Check out our campaign calendar to learn about marketing to specific communities and plan your GTM. You can also go to our knowledge base to explore our video tutorials that show you how to create an offer and run successful campaigns.

06 Launch Your Program

The SheerID free trial allows you to launch a real live discount. Take advantage of free verifications over your two week free trial! I highly recommend linking to the offer in the footer of your homepage as a free, simple way to start marketing it.

Get Started With Your Free Trial

No one wants a free trial that is more headache-inducing than helpful, and here at SheerID, we pride ourselves on an experience that is fast, intuitive, and informative. Sign up for a free trial today to see how SheerID can help you meet your goals.

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