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SheerID Simplifies Cause Marketing Campaigns

SheerID Simplifies Cause Marketing Campaigns

One way that big corporations are creating positive buzz and gaining market share is by partnering with nonprofits on Cause Marketing campaigns.Buzz word balloons

  • Coca-Cola teamed up with the World Wildlife Fund.
  • Levi’s joined forces with
  • Nike, Apple, and Starbucks participate in (RED) to help fight AIDS.

The beauty of cause marketing campaigns is that by forming mutually beneficial relationships, both the nonprofit and the business stand to gain.

What can cause marketing do for an organization?

  • Create meaningful ways to engage existing supporters, volunteers, donors, or members
  • Raise money to cover your overhead and fulfill your mission
  • Build trust and brand awareness for your organization
  • Support your corporate sponsors by creating mutually beneficial partnership opportunities
  • Increase awareness about your cause

What can cause marketing for a business?

  • Create meaningful ways to engage customers, and nonprofit members
  • Improve brand “good-will”
  • Build trust and brand awareness
  • Create that “halo affect” that comes with partnering with a nonprofit
  • Reach new customers through nonprofit supporters

It’s a win-win for everyone involved, including consumers who get a serious case of the warm fuzzies and some extra membership benefits.

With SheerID’s tools and services at your disposal, you don’t need Coca-Cola’s bank account or the World Wildlife Funds’ marketing team to leverage your cause marketing relationships. With SheerID’s service, you can actually manage your coupon codes, giving you the control to decide when to restrict them and when to open them up and let them go viral. You can also choose whether the same code works for everyone, or whether you want to use unique, single use codes. SheerID can help you balance the needs of the organization, its supporters, and  corporate partners by creating effective, trackable cause marketing campaigns and preventing fraud.