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How Verification Works

Your customer provides SheerID with minimal information by filling out a brief form. SheerID instantly verifies whether or not that information matches high-assurance, authoritative data and returns a binary response to you. You define the branding, messaging, and customer journey.

Your customers remain within your brand experience, and are not required to join a third-party community where they will be exposed to your competitors’ offers. You own the customer relationship and customer data.

Customize your customer experience

SheerID combines several methods of verification to offer 100% coverage. You decide which combination of methods meets your verification needs.

You also determine when, where, and how verification should take place to maximize conversion rates. Form fields can be hosted on your website or by SheerID, and we offer customizable, trackable reward management and delivery solutions to relay offer redemption details to your successfully verified customers.

Try the SheerID verification process from a customer’s point-of-view.

Entice new customers with targeted, exclusive promotions

Consumers can’t resist a good deal. The only thing more alluring than a good deal is a good deal that not everybody can get. Studies have shown that when consumers are presented with an exclusive, limited-time offer, they purchase 6 times more.

Use exclusivity to your advantage:

  • Inspire brand loyalty
  • Attract new customers
  • Encourage repeat purchases
  • Increase conversion rates and average order size
Learn more about the benefits of exclusivity

Protect your margins and prevent discount abuse with real-time verification

Many organizations don’t realize the impact of discount fraud on their bottom line until it’s too late. SheerID’s solutions identify fraud in existing programs and prevent ineligible customers from redeeming targeted offers. Be proactive and learn more about eligibility verification now.

Expand marketing programs across multiple channels
with gated exclusive offers

Scaling a program is difficult when you can’t openly market it or participation is limited to only one channel. SheerID can verify eligibility at any point-of-sale.

  • Online
  • In-store
  • On a mobile device
  • Over the phone

With eligibility verification in place, your offer is gated without being hidden behind a gate. That opens up opportunities to advertise:

  • On your home page
  • Through affiliates
  • By word-of-mouth, referrals and share-with a friend programs
  • Social media
  • PR
  • Through partnerships

Meet compliance requirements by verifying customer information against high-assurance, authoritative data

In many industries, you can’t discount products or run promotions without sign-off from manufacturers, vendors, copyright owners, or other stakeholders. These partners may not be opposed to targeted offers for select audiences like academic pricing or a military appreciation program, but they need assurances that only qualified consumers can get the deal. Once basic compliance criteria are met through reliable verification, vendors and retailers are free to explore creative, mutually beneficial channel marketing solutions. It all starts with verification, and that’s where we come in.

Read the ThinkEDU case study

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Featured Client Implementations

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    Experience verification for yourself.

    Featured Success Stories

    • Costco Use Case

      Costco Use Case

      In its first year, Costco’s military appreciation program, which is powered by SheerID, was Costco’s best performing National Membership Program.

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    • U of O Athletics Department Success Story

      U of O Athletics Department Success Story

      When the Oregon Ducks offered promo tickets to the military as part of an appreciation program, 81% of the accounts that fans used to access the promotion were brand new.

      Read the Success Story
    • Bonobos Use Case

      Bonobos Use Case

      Bonobos initially tested a student discount as part of a back to school promotion. The program was an immediate success and showed returns within the first two weeks.

      Read the Use Case
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