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Exploring Twitter Keyword Targeting to Advertise Student Discounts

Last week Twitter announced the launch of Keyword Targeting for Promoted Tweets. If you currently advertise on Twitter using Promoted Tweets or Promoted Accounts, you already know that you can target your paid content by targeting by interest categories like stage of life, education, etc. or by targeting specific users’ followers. So to create a […]

National Teacher Appreciation Month

If you are looking for teacher discounts, click HERE If you are interested in fascinating stats on teachers, read on… In the United States, National Teacher Appreciation Month takes place for the entire month of May each year, but the majority of the festivities center around the first week of May, which has officially been […]

Reaching College Students 101

As much as we love stats and metrics, sometimes it’s necessary to take a step back from our calculators and survey results and think about what all those facts and figures actually mean. All that crunchy data isn’t worth much if you can’t suck the juice out of it and translate the numbers into meaningful, […]

2012’s Top 20 Back to School Deals for College Students

In case you missed our Top 20 list on Yahoo! News or one of the other dozens of sites that published it, we thought we’d re-post it here for you. Because we’re nice like that and we love back to school season. Amazon Students are eligible for a free Amazon Prime membership which includes free […]

More Back to School News from T-Mobile

When we blogged T-Mobile’s reduced pricing on family lines for back to school earlier this month, we thought the back to school news felt a little wimpy. Thankfully, T-Mobile has come through with a couple new back to school specials that started this week and expire in September. First, we’ve got a BOGO deal (Buy-One-Get-One) […]

Enroll at Dell University for a Free Xbox

First Microsoft, then HP, now Dell… Is there anyone who isn’t giving away a free Xbox to college students this year? How are these budding scholars supposed to get any studying done when they’re playing Xbox all the time? All kidding aside, there are a couple of things that set Dell’s offer apart from the […]

Oh Those Pesky Coupon Code Sites

We totally understand why you feel the need to offer coupon codes. Really, we get it. We’ve read the same survey results you have, with titillating stats like: •    74% of shoppers search multiple online coupon sources every week, and many spend up to an hour shopping around for the best deals•    55% of online […]

How to Reach Military

So you want to offer a military discount? Good for you! A military discount is not only a great way to show your support for our troops, it’s also a smart way to grow your business and reach new customers. The military market is huge. Of course you probably already realize you can’t just decide […]