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How to use social media to reach niche markets- Part 2-Educators

Like the military community, teachers and faculty must operate in accordance to guidelines when it comes to social media. These guidelines are often provided by schools or school districts, although in some cases, there are state mandates prohibiting teachers from interacting inappropriately with students through social media. In their personal lives, many teachers join social […]

Perfect Timing for Targeted Marketing Campaigns

You know that old adage “Timing is everything”? Well, that especially true when it comes to marketing. Marketers are constantly trying to pin down that perfect sweet spot for launching marketing campaigns. We run A/B tests to determine the most favorable time to send an email blast. We re-read last year’s press coverage to deduce […]

All-American companies offer new military discounts for 4th of July

While most of us are busting out red, white, and blue streamers, BBQ fixin’s, and fireworks this weekend, retailers are celebrating 4th of July by offering new military discounts or hosting military appreciation events during the month of July for those who protect our freedoms. Be sure to mark these limited-time offers on your calendar. […]